Touring With A Twist

We want to give a big thank you to all our great customers who ventured out to our open house event on May 24th, and to those who helped make it so successful! We hope you enjoyed learning about the most advanced lighting technology out there. We are very fortunate to have these cutting-edge solutions in our space.

The tour was unique in the sense that different associates got to speak at different parts of the tour, each associate led a different part, and guests got to interact with most of our amazing SDLA team members! To engage all attendees, we wanted to show off the cohesiveness between our employees and how we all work together to lead the way in lighting.

In case you missed it, tour leaders Matt Gallardo and Laura Ramirez took visitors through a little something like this:

• To kick off the tour, yours truly (Danny Cortez) began talking to guests about the status of SDLA and how we are leading the charge. Making sure we have the right line card that inspires our customers on design and challenges them on using the leading technology in our industry. An example of that is the Pinnacle LiFT, showing an elegant design with its seamless lens trim transition creating a skylight appearance that suggests bringing the outdoors in.

• Next up, guests stopped by to see good ol’ BMJ (Jason Bash) in the lobby. Jason talked about products in the space, using our “wireless” Fresco touch screen to demonstrate architectural luminaires and specifically demonstrated RGB controls (be sure to check out his awesome selfie below).

• After learning all about space and lighting, Susie Brown took over and switched it up a bit to talk about the latest tunable lighting fixtures. She demonstrated how Acuity downlights (Aculux) can change kelvin temperature from 1800-4350. These solutions show how Acuity is leveraging these benefits in vertical markets like K-12 and Higher education.

• With the help of our word walls, Brian Rhea then described our values of leadership, teamwork and technology. He explained how SDLA not only breeds leaders through teamwork and comradery but also by striving to lead the market technological solutions. He introduced Rubik by inspiring designers to “reinvent the grid” with Tunable White, Grayscale, and Color Accent luminaires.

Maronee Rodenberger then stepped in to talk with guests about the latest 2 x 2 troffers on the market and the differences between our Architectural Best Solutions, Specification Better and General Purpose Good solutions. She explained how we look to fit our lighting solutions in every customer’s budget and not trying to make the customers budget fit in our lighting solutions.

• Guests then stopped over to Cliff Cobelli, where he demonstrated the services our agency provides from design, budgeting, managing, and commissioning. He displayed our nLight Software SensorView, where he demonstrated how an Energy Manager/Owner could maximize their energy savings by a quick click of a mouse. Jeret Carr then took the floor as he presented the Internet of Things nLight offers. He demonstrated how a nLight system that complies with code is the building block for IOT, showing how scalable the system is offering applications like “Space Utilization” and “Site View Energy”.

• After learning the ins and outs of our energy management, guests met with Chris Bale for a dose of wireless controls for industrial fixtures. He demonstrated our industrial solutions for parking garages and warehouses, showing our IBG from Lithonia Lighting is best- in-class market with the highest lumens per watt.

• And last but certainly not least, Kristin Miller thanked everyone as she wrapped up the tour by announcing the raffle winner. At SDLA we truly appreciate our partnership with our specification community, electrical contractors, and distributors. This partnership allows all of us to work as a cohesive team.

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Meet The Team: Jeret Carr

This month’s Meet the Team Q&A is with Jeret Carr, our master of specifications controls. Raised in sunny San Diego, Jeret is the ultimate SD super-fan and an SDLA specifications control genius. When Jeret isn’t at home chasing after his two young children, he’s mastering control techniques in his favorite city he calls home. Ready to meet him?

Q: How did you end up at SDLA?

JC: Well, it’s kind of a funny story. Growing up, I actually wanted to be a pediatrician. But then I found myself in the lighting industry and it just kind of kicked off from there. Before working with SDLA, I worked for a contractor and it wasn’t until long after that when I was referred to SDLA by Jason Bash (as you probably know as businessman Jason, BMJ ). Three and a half years down the road and I’m literally bringing quality lighting controls solutions to the city I love.

 Q: What do you like best about your job?

JC: What I love most about being on the team is working with the design community to create compliant and efficient controls systems in San Diego. As you know, I am a San Diego enthusiast. I’ve lived and breathed this city for my entire life, so having the opportunity to work towards creating better environments is an incredibly rewarding aspect of the job. In addition, it gives me the freedom to think creatively with others who are passionate about design.

Q: What is unique about the culture at SDLA?

JC: What sets us apart from others is the unique leadership we have here. At SDLA, the support and training have been so strong from day one. Our leaders are deeply involved in our work and lives. It really makes it feel like a family here. Everyone is so encouraging, and we support each other’s ideas by taking everything and everyone into consideration.

Q:  What’s your most memorable project? Illumina I3 campus

JC: Without a doubt, my favorite project was the Illumina I3 campus. Here, the concept was so interesting as it was a three-building, three-story campus. I provided the photometric design layout per the Basis of Design(BOD), and also worked on the Title 24 compliant controls strategy based on the engineered plans. I enjoyed working with the engineer and electrical contractor to create a compliant lighting and controls design. But to me, the most exciting aspect of this project was my involvement from beginning to end. When you get to see an entire project come full-circle – that’s the real payoff.

Q: What trends do you see in the future?

JC: Coming up, we are seeing a unification of building controls to create smart buildings and Zero Energy Buildings(ZEB). This is going to change the way control systems interact and increase the functionality and efficiency of our buildings. Instead of separate systems, we will be bringing lighting, HVAC and building control systems into one cohesive, convenient platform.

Trending: LIGHTFAIR 2017

We recently traveled to Philadelphia to take part in Lightfair 2017! For three days, we roamed the show floor to meet with our valued manufacturers and see, first-hand, their latest and greatest product solutions!

If you read our last post about LFI predictions you’re probably wondering… Is what we saw what we predicted we’d see?

The short answer is yes! As expected, the main topics were wireless controls and IoT. Tunable lighting and the effect on health and behavior was also prevalent. Most of the speaking engagements were related to these topics or focused on a specific vertical market.

One thing we did not touch on in our predictions was architectural styles. We saw some major advancements in linear, extruded, suspended and recessed styles.  The competitive landscape has expanded in this category and it seems as if the next best architectural concept coupled with performance, service, and value is being well received in the marketplace.

So, what are we keeping our eye on with more to come in 2017?

Everyone jumped on a slightly different wireless controls bandwagon than we expected. It will be interesting to see just how each company’s different interpretation comes together to form a common ground. Stay tuned.  We’ll be covering this evolution on our blog throughout the year!