Lights, Music, Action! This Speaker Downlight Does It All

Speaker Downlight

Imagine with the flick of the switch, you’re able to set the mood with dimmable lighting and queue the perfect soundtrack for your night. Backtrack to the morning where you can start your day with a live concert in the shower, starring you, with Wet Location™ lighting. Now, transport yourself to warm summer nights with friends on the patio with your lighting and music housed under one device. Introducing the Acuity Brands 6SL Speaker Downlight, an evolutionary device which will change how you listen to music in your home. These records have been flying off the shelves… I mean lights.

This LED wireless speaker downlight brings adjustable lighting and music to virtually anywhere in your home and saves you space traditional speakers would take up. Retrofit for most 6-inch housings, installation is as easy as changing a lightbulb. The speaker downlight can be paired with up to eight units, including your smart TV, bringing an innovative sound experience to your kitchen, your patio, your movie room and even your shower! Whether you want the LED lights on full blast or off altogether, music can still be played through the speaker, with the battery life lasting up to six hours while the lights are off. Wirelessly stream your favorite songs from any mobile device via Bluetooth™ into any room of your home, whether that be Motown classics or the latest Adele ballad. Additionally, you can customize your lighting experience in different rooms with three different color temperatures choices at a cost-effective rate for each device.

I recently had the opportunity to install these devices first hand and see them in action when helping my brother put them up in his home. Nobody else in the market currently has a product like this, so we were pleased to see how reasonably priced these devices were. The installation was simple and easy to execute. We had music streaming through his home within minutes with mobile streaming and the LED lights with all their dimming capabilities we’re up and running in no time.

If you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary product or you’re ready to order some for your home email me at, or contact one of our distributor stock flow salespeople Matt Gallardo ( or Shareef Stratton (

Meet The Team: Jessica Swank

Buckle up for this month’s Meet the Team, with Jessica Swank, who brings the speed to our quotations department. Jessica’s job is all about living in the fast lane as a quick quotes specialist, but the same can be said about her life at home as she juggles marriage, parenting and the upcoming Dodger baseball season. We hope Jessica’s son doesn’t mind sharing, because our staff knows her best as Momma Jess, due to her nurturing and caring spirit (Cliff even has her as his west coast emergency contact)! Jess is a blonde at heart and admits that she can sometimes, (ok pretty much daily), ask ditzy questions, but she loves being able to make everyone laugh and is a great sport when it comes to laughing at herself. Let’s switch things into high gear and introduce our fast acting, quick quotes specialist!

Q: How did you get started in the lighting industry?

JS: It was really about being in the right place at the right time. I had been working for a plastic surgeon and was at a standstill in my career. I reached out to my friend, Lee, inquiring about any job leads she was aware of in her industry. Luckily, she got me in touch with Kristin, who interviewed me and I left with the job later that day. I would’ve never imagined my career transitioning into lighting but now that I’ve been here for almost 2 years, I couldn’t be happier that this opportunity fell into my lap.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

JS: I love the quick turnaround aspect of my job. Quick quotes are supposed to come back to the customer in 30 minutes, but I always strive for a faster time. When customers get a quote back in 5 or 10 minutes, they’re really appreciative of the customer service. Guiding the customer’s journey from the beginning, starting from scratch, is very rewarding. I also love when one of my co-workers comes back to me and lets me know that we’re moving forward with a project I initially quoted.

Q: What do you like best about the culture at SDLA?

JS: I know we all say this, but I love the culture here because we truly act like one big family. I definitely spend more time with my work family than any of my friends outside of work. I enjoy working here because it’s so easy to come into work when you love the people you work with. Even the worst Monday’s aren’t so bad because there is always laughter and good times in our office. We also like to have “ Family Lunches”, where we all go out to eat or eat together in the office…we make it a point to do it at least once a week.

Q: 2018 is here, is there anything work-related you are looking forward to?

 JS: I love being able to look back and see how far I’ve come. I’m excited to work with more projects that are of larger sizes. While it can be intimidating to quote large projects, the challenge really excites me. As I learn more and expand my skillset, I’m looking forward to becoming an even better resource for my co-workers. I’m very lucky to have such supportive bosses here, like Danny, who has some new ideas of things I can get involved in this year. I have a difficult time saying no to him or anyone really, so I’m always open to trying new things and I can’t wait to see what he and the rest of the principals have in mind for me!

Lightovation: The ‘Brightest’ Event in the Lone Star State

This past month, Danny Cortez and I were in Dallas for the bi-annual industry show, Lightovation, and we learned that everything, most definitely, is bigger in Texas! Lightovation is hosted at the, massively impressive Dallas Market Center which allowed for hundreds of vendors and manufacturers to meet and display their best and “brightest” products for the new year. Lightovation, already known as the industry’s largest trade event, upped the antsy this year by introducing a 15,000 square-foot showroom that featured an unprecedented range of new designs. This show was a great jumping off point for the upcoming year and a great preview of what can be expected from the industry!

In Dallas, we were supporting our manufacturers that had showrooms on display. Our partners, Pure Edge Lighting, BlackJack Lighting and Eurofase products on display in the showrooms at Lightovation and we had the opportunity to support them throughout the two-day event. We led discussions with our partners that surrounded showroom business and industry trends.

One trend that stole the spotlight were all the LED, energy saving, lighting options. Homeowners will be pleased to know that manufacturers had plenty of lighting options that were both eco-friendly and stylish! Showrooms were filled with LED, energy saving lighting trends that wouldn’t require homeowners to sacrifice design to be environmentally conscious.

Want to learn more about our time at Lightovation or our experience with showrooms? Email me at and be sure to check out photos from the show in the gallery below!