When the Lighting Industry Meets the Farming Industry

Horticultural Lighting is the fastest growing segment of the LED lighting industry. Fueled by a continual rise in population, and availability of limited agricultural land, there is an increasing need for indoor grow spaces and greenhouses.

The “Horticulture Lighting Market by Technology, Application, Cultivation, Lighting Type, Offering, and Region – Global Forecast to 2023”  predicts the horticultural lighting market to grow from USD 2.43 billion in 2018 to 6.2 billion by 2023.

Traditional light sources, HID & fluorescent, have long been the trusted lighting solution for indoor grow facilities. However, with the advancements in technologies, LED grow lighting has erased early doubts and proven to be a vital and essential element in the horticultural industry.

Why LED grow lights?

In addition to significant energy savings, LED Horticultural Lighting provides growers with customization, modularity, and the ability to optimize plant growth and wealth. In a controlled indoor environment, LED grow lights produce higher yields for year-round grow cycles for plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers and legal cannabis.

An LED grow light system will generate the same or better illumination than a traditional lighting system, with less than half of the electrical energy input. With the reduced heat output of LED’s versus traditional lighting sources, the use of LED lighting will also help reduce the demand on the HVAC system, offering additional energy savings.

Where will LED Grow lights be installed?

Vertical Farming: maximize every cubic foot of a growing space by utilizing vertically stacked structures to grow products in a tight, controlled space.

Greenhouses: combine natural sunlight and artificial light, in addition to trapping humidity and moisture to emulate a true growing environment.

Warehouses: An artificial growing environment that relies on the complete system of lighting and HVAC to best reflect an outdoor environment.

With the increased demand for indoor horticultural farming, there will be an increase in demand for horticultural lighting design along with an array of questions.

• What are the important factors to consider when designing horticultural lighting?
• How do I calculate the quantity of fixtures and spacing required?
• What types of solutions are available for horticultural lighting?
• What trusted manufacturers provide horticultural lighting?

Traditionally, when we think about lighting, we measure a fixture by the lumen output and how many foot candles are needed on a work surface. But for plant lighting, the important values to consider are Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) the measurement of usable wavelengths for plants from the fixture, and Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) the measurement of active photons per second measured at the plant. These are the components that are going to help provide a greater and more robust yield.

To help calculate the appropriate levels, our in-house applications team utilizes AGI32 to perform horticultural lighting calculations based on the needs of the plant/project.

Our leading manufacturer of horticultural lighting, SpecGrade LED, utilizes a modular system that allows for the adaptation of the fixture based on the needs of the environment, as well as interchangeable parts to upgrade the existing fixtures as LED’s improve and new technologies arise. Their modular fixture Linea can also be used as a side lighter offering a new angle on the growing process to increase yields. SpecGrade LED has successfully worked with Ohio State University to provide them with the LED grow lights to improve the growth of their plants by providing the correct stable levels of PPFD. To read more about it, see the link below.

Whether you are looking to learn more about horticultural lighting or are designing an indoor grow space, we at SDLA are here to help you through this process and support you through the life of the project. We have the knowledge, resources and tools to assist you with designing horticultural lighting for your next project, let us know how we can help you grow.

DLC Website

DLC – Horticultural Lighting

Case Study

The Ohio State University Case Study

Horticultural Lighting

The Future Is Here With nLight® AIR

Are you ready to get more from your wireless? Look no further, Acuity Brands® just launched nLight® AIR 2.0… The most secure, reliable and scalable wireless networked lighting control system or as we like to call it, everyone’s dream system to specify and install! nLight® AIR is built on the same trusted software platform as nLight and provides the ease of install with wireless communication. nLight® AIR is a robust wireless lighting control solution, complete with Acuity Brands® enabled LED fixtures with embedded smart sensors, dimming relay packs, remote motion sensors, wireless nLight® AIR wall switches and the best part…nLight AIR connects to the nLight Eclypse to provide a networked wireless solution with central control, timeclock scheduling, demand response and BMS integration capabilities.

nLight® AIR is perfect in spaces where wiring is cost prohibitive, or retrofits where running new wires can be difficult, expensive or complex. This wireless system is extremely scalable and upgradable. It can operate as: stand-alone lighting control in an individual room; networked with the nLight Eclypse for networked tenant, floor or building lighting control; or integrated into a building management system allowing for integration between building controls and the nLight® AIR wireless controls systems. And the flexibility, you ask? This wireless system is extremely scalable and upgradable. It can operate in many different configurations:

-Stand-alone lighting control in an individual room

-Networked with the nLight Eclypse for networked tenant, floor, or building lighting control

-Integrated into a building management system allowing for integration between building controls and the nLight® AIR wireless controls systems.

And the flexibility, you ask? The wireless relays and motion sensors can be integral to the fixture or remote mounted devices.

The addition of nLight® AIR to the nLight family gives users the ability to have distributed relay based, central panel based and wireless-based control solutions under one platform. nLight AIR can be programmed through Sensorview Desktop Software for networked systems or a mobile configuration app, CLAIRITY™, for quick and easy startup on standalone solutions. nLight AIR systems can be deployed using the building’s existing wiring, which reduces installation costs and helps the ROI of the system pay off faster.

The technology behind nLight® AIR is precisely designed for security and reliability. The wireless signal is 900 megahertz frequency, which offers proven reliability, a range of up to 600’ installed with obstructions, 1,000’ line of site range and a less congested wavelength. On top of that, it features a 5-tier security architecture that starts with AES 128-bit encryption and builds up from there with additional layers of security. These aspects provide you with the confidence to design and install an innovative lighting control solution.

Want more? We are here to support you each step of the way. From specification support with project specific solutions, product samples, and typical single lines; to installation support with wiring diagrams, pre-construction meetings, network programming and training. The next time you have a project that requires wireless controls solutions, be sure to contact SDLA for the premier wireless solution, nLight® AIR.

A Bird’s Eye View of Our Lighting Controls Department

How would your life change if you had a bird’s eye view of the inner workings of everything around you? In our lighting controls department, we have a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in our industry, and alongside the fixture quotation department, providing the complete lighting package. Each day, projects make their way onto our bid board and with each project comes a different set of specifications, Title 24 requirements, design requirements and style preferences. We have a front row seat to how things are being done in various parts of our market and how ideas are being executed in different scenarios. Because of this, we can compile our broad array of experiences in order to provide the end user with the best possible interface and cost-effective solution. Ready to soak in everything you need to know about a day in the life of our lighting controls department?

1. An idea is born in our quotations department. The process begins in the quotations department when a request comes in from a distributor who is working with a contractor or lighting engineer. At this point, one of our four specialists will take the project under his wing. Once a specialist is assigned to quote and design, they remain involved in the entire process so that the point of contact stays the same for the distributor/contractor working with us. Initially one of our control specialists will analyze all the documents provided by the contractor and determine if the specifications meet Title 24 standards. Design begins at this stage and after we feel confident that we have provided the best value we will send the project back to the contractor for review.

2. Awarded the gig. If we are awarded the job, we eagerly to get to work. Sometimes a new series of documents and revisions will come in or we will work from the initial set of information. In this stage of the process, we finalize the layout in AutoCAD. This layout will serve as an instructional floor plan for how each room will be designed and can include wiring details for how all the equipment is installed into the system. There are two different solution types for our layouts, standalone and networked designs. A standalone system will have all the controls, controlled in one room. A networked system will have every room networked back to a centralized Eclypse/Gateway controller where time-clock and/or Automatic Demand Response control is incorporated. After designing the layout to include the best fit solution for the application and to meet California Title 24 requirements, we will send the final document to the contractor for execution and installation.

3. Our design comes to life. Each project is different and the same can be said for the contractor or engineer who will bring our design to life. Some contractors will install the equipment based on our exact design, others may go back and forth with our specialist to optimize the solution, making communication a vital component of this process. Each time we work with a different contractor or engineer we are gaining more understanding of our industry and how to better serve our customers. Alongside the contractor, we are solving issues we see in our field and providing solutions that are innovating how controls are incorporated into the lighting industry.

With our vast experience and knowledge of the industry, we are confident we can offer the best value and design when an idea makes its way to our lighting controls department. If you’re looking for a team that places a priority on effective communication and value then bring your idea to our quotations department by emailing quotes@sdltg.com!

In-House Lighting Layout Service: 3 Easy Steps to Take Your Concept to a Reality

An idea or dream would never have the chance to become a reality if someone didn’t bring them to life. When a client brings us their dream we are committed to delivering them the whole picture, the complete package. That’s why it only made sense to offer in-house lighting layout services to our specifiers, contractors, distributors, or anyone else seeing layout assistance. We feel the addition of this service rounds out our ability to meet the needs of our customer base more effectively, providing a one-stop-shop for all things including quotations, project management, specifications, training & education, lighting controls design assistance, lighting controls layouts, and field service to name a few.

Each and every project that comes through our doors is eligible to take advantage of our lighting layout service.  Here are the simple steps to the process that take your concept to a reality:

-Layout request and all supporting information are sent to our lighting layout department. Projects that require a layout from our customers are sent to our lighting specialist, Rod Equihua, who brings the concept to design and then to execution. Our custom layouts give clients a visual representation of the completed project, the closest thing to an actual installation. The more information you provide, the better, but if you need us to assist with fixture selection and fixture attributes that will elicit the best results, we can absolutely do that for you!

-Rod gets to work. After receiving the requirements from the customer, Rod starts working on creating the layout, with more complex projects requiring an AutoCAD or 3D modeling of the project using our Visual Lighting software. This model gives the client a complete look into the luminaire characteristics, room specifications, fixture type/placement and a representation of the required foot candles.

-Layout ready for customer review. Upon completion, we deliver an entire photometric lighting layout with specific lumen packages with a detailed luminaire schedule. From basic concepts to complex project layouts, we are fully committed to your lighting and control success.

We take pride in being able to bring your project to life by offering well-rounded services under one roof. If you have any questions or would like more information about our in-house lighting layout service be sure to contact Rod at rode@sdltg.com!

Welcome To Our Family Eureka Lighting!

Eureka LightingDrum roll please…we are very excited to announce the newest lighting manufacturer to be joining the SDLA family, Eureka Lighting! Eureka Lighting is a Montreal-based decorative lighting manufacturer that brings a unique design approach to their solutions. Their fixture designs have been well received by interior designers, architects, lighting designers, and the like across the country. With our enhanced focus on providing best-in-class service and products to the specification community, Eureka Lighting is a great fit.

Our team has been buzzing over the news and is gearing up to hit the ground running with these awesome products.

“To me, Eureka means quality and strong design. I’m so excited to have one of my favorite lines on board!” – Laura Ramirez, Specification Sales

“I am very excited to represent a line that has such a wide range of unique architectural lighting that can be used to compliment so many different types of projects.” – Kristin Miller, Principal/Operations Manager

“I’m so excited that we are adding one of the leading decorative lighting manufacturers in North America to our SDLA family! Their wide range of solutions will enable us to better provide a complete package for our customers.” – Maronee Rodenberger, Specification Sales

As you can see our team is really excited about our new addition! So much that we’re installing some of their key features in our office as well.  Also, if you want some true decorative lighting design inspiration, you’ll want to check out their latest Volume 9 Catalog!  We have a stockpile here that we will be distributing soon or you can request your copy by clicking here.

Finally, help us welcome Eureka at our next designer luncheon series, which will be held on May 24th! RSVP by emailing Amanda Ivko at amandai@sdltg.com for an all-inclusive opportunity to witness, first-hand, everything this line has to offer!

Lights, Music, Action! This Speaker Downlight Does It All

Speaker Downlight

Imagine with the flick of the switch, you’re able to set the mood with dimmable lighting and queue the perfect soundtrack for your night. Backtrack to the morning where you can start your day with a live concert in the shower, starring you, with Wet Location™ lighting. Now, transport yourself to warm summer nights with friends on the patio with your lighting and music housed under one device. Introducing the Acuity Brands 6SL Speaker Downlight, an evolutionary device which will change how you listen to music in your home. These records have been flying off the shelves… I mean lights.

This LED wireless speaker downlight brings adjustable lighting and music to virtually anywhere in your home and saves you space traditional speakers would take up. Retrofit for most 6-inch housings, installation is as easy as changing a lightbulb. The speaker downlight can be paired with up to eight units, including your smart TV, bringing an innovative sound experience to your kitchen, your patio, your movie room and even your shower! Whether you want the LED lights on full blast or off altogether, music can still be played through the speaker, with the battery life lasting up to six hours while the lights are off. Wirelessly stream your favorite songs from any mobile device via Bluetooth™ into any room of your home, whether that be Motown classics or the latest Adele ballad. Additionally, you can customize your lighting experience in different rooms with three different color temperatures choices at a cost-effective rate for each device.

I recently had the opportunity to install these devices first hand and see them in action when helping my brother put them up in his home. Nobody else in the market currently has a product like this, so we were pleased to see how reasonably priced these devices were. The installation was simple and easy to execute. We had music streaming through his home within minutes with mobile streaming and the LED lights with all their dimming capabilities we’re up and running in no time.

If you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary product or you’re ready to order some for your home email me at jasonb@sdltg.com, or contact one of our distributor stock flow salespeople Matt Gallardo (mattg@sdltg.com) or Shareef Stratton (shareefs@sdltg.com).

Friday Night Lights: SDLA In The Sports Lighting Game

Summer is winding down, and Fall is almost here. And even though San Diego is known for only having two seasons, Fall is characterized by more than just the weather in our city – back to school time, pumpkin spice everything, and maybe most importantly… It’s football season.

And while you’ve probably never thought about it before, those Friday night lights wouldn’t be the same without the lights. Luckily, we know a thing or two about sports lighting. Whether it’s field lighting or wayfinding – like lighting parking lots, concession areas, and walkways – we can take a look at your facility and provide recommendations on energy efficient lighting technologies and controls. Game-on.

For example, we represent SpecGrade LED for all our customer’s stadium lighting needs. For more than 25 years, SpecGrade LED has provided state of the art lighting systems for sporting fields of all shapes and sizes. They are sports enthusiasts who understand the sports they light and how they are played. We love these products because they go further than just lighting a field. Their products are engineered like no other sports lighting product on the market to ensure reliability and optimal performance! In fact, we have a fun demonstration to show you how – just ask to see our “coffee pot demo!”  From the small field in the local community to the high school stadium all the way to the pro sports venues, SDLA and SpecGrade LED have you covered!

Ready to score a touchdown? Contact us so we can chat about lighting your next stadium project, no matter the size/scale!