An idea or dream would never have the chance to become a reality if someone didn’t bring them to life. When a client brings us their dream we are committed to delivering them the whole picture, the complete package. That’s why it only made sense to offer in-house lighting layout services to our specifiers, contractors, distributors, or anyone else seeing layout assistance. We feel the addition of this service rounds out our ability to meet the needs of our customer base more effectively, providing a one-stop-shop for all things including quotations, project management, specifications, training & education, lighting controls design assistance, lighting controls layouts, and field service to name a few.

Each and every project that comes through our doors is eligible to take advantage of our lighting layout service.  Here are the simple steps to the process that take your concept to a reality:

-Layout request and all supporting information are sent to our lighting layout department. Projects that require a layout from our customers are sent to our lighting specialist, Rod Equihua, who brings the concept to design and then to execution. Our custom layouts give clients a visual representation of the completed project, the closest thing to an actual installation. The more information you provide, the better, but if you need us to assist with fixture selection and fixture attributes that will elicit the best results, we can absolutely do that for you!

-Rod gets to work. After receiving the requirements from the customer, Rod starts working on creating the layout, with more complex projects requiring an AutoCAD or 3D modeling of the project using our Visual Lighting software. This model gives the client a complete look into the luminaire characteristics, room specifications, fixture type/placement and a representation of the required foot candles.

-Layout ready for customer review. Upon completion, we deliver an entire photometric lighting layout with specific lumen packages with a detailed luminaire schedule. From basic concepts to complex project layouts, we are fully committed to your lighting and control success.

We take pride in being able to bring your project to life by offering well-rounded services under one roof. If you have any questions or would like more information about our in-house lighting layout service be sure to contact Rod at!