He hikes, he bikes, oh, and he’s one of our newest team members! Nick Chapman joined our team just over a month ago as an Inside Sales Specialist ensuring our clients get the best lighting estimate for their unique spaces. While Nick isn’t on the job, he’s spending time with his four kids and traveling the world! He enjoys being engulfed in other lifestyles, learning new languages and trying new foods from all around the world. He even tried guinea pig in Peru this past year. While he loves learning from those in different countries, he’s also enjoying learning the ins and outs of his new role with our Inside Sales team. Now, let us learn a little about him!

Q: How long have you been in the lighting space?
NC: I’ve been in lighting for quite some time actually! Before working at SDLA, I used to be in the Navy where I worked with communications equipment for aircraft carriers. From there, I moved to Orange County, where I was introduced into the lighting world at Pure Water, working in their controls department. This led to my next transition as a controls technical support representative for Acuity Brands. After being on the customer service side, I’m very excited to be help on the front end in the design process!

Q: What is your day-to-day like as an Inside Sales Specialist?
NC: My role as an Inside Sales Specialist consists of assisting our customers in selecting the best solutions for the right job. I work on all project sizes but mainly focus on small to midsize jobs. My work takes the “rough” out of the estimate meaning I take and assess all the project information – ceiling heights, wall colors, furniture placement, etc. – then designate where the lighting should be placed around those specifications to meet customer’s desired light levels. Not only does this make for better overall design, this provides another level of service and value to our partners.

Q: What do you like best about the culture at SDLA?
 NC: I’m still brand new to the team, but it is already so different from the previous jobs I’ve had. Coming from a large corporate environment, here at SDLA, I feel more connected to the rest of my team because we are a much smaller group. Everyone sort of knows what everyone else is doing so we are quick to offer help where needed. This is especially helpful for me being that I am still the “new guy!” I enjoy getting a glimpse of the other departments because I get an inside look of the teams I can truly benefit from in the company, and where I can grow.

Q: What are you looking forward to most as an Inside Sales Specialist in 2020?
NC: For the New Year, I’m really looking forward to honing in on my new role! I’ve never worked on the specification side before, and I can’t wait to learn more in this area. Getting to know more about my coworkers and growing with them is also exciting. I always felt that it’s important to continue learning new skills so that the job never gets stagnant. Every building needs lighting, so figuring out how to accommodate those needs, whether in an office space, warehouse, or other environments, will be a challenge that I’m looking forward to.