Factory Tour Fun: A-Light

Last month the specification sales team had a ball on a tour to one of our awesome manufacturers’ factory. Not only does A-Light put on a great tour – they have affordable and customizable options with a lot of different components. The experience was memorable because it allowed us to spend a half-day ingraining ourselves into A-Light’s products and processes and really get a better sense of their story.

To start our journey, we took a bus up to beautiful Oceanside. Once at the factory we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in their training room. Sitting under multiple samples of their lights we learned more about the company and product line. We even got to check out awesome mock-ups of new products and their components. The hands-on experience really enhanced our understanding of what A-Light has to offer.

We especially enjoyed seeing the Absent product line in-person…pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s truly incredible how well it creates a beautiful throw of light without any glare. Next up, the factory tour! The factory is neat and we had the opportunity to see every stage of the manufacturing process…from welding the products to seeing how they get their quality packaging. We ended the visit with an excellent lunch…the perfect ending to a great morning.

Thank you to our friends at A-Light for having us!  Interested in checking out A-Light’s factory southern California factory? Be sure to contact them for a tour and check out their unique customization guidelines.

It’s That Time of Year – Our Summer Spec Product Show!

Summer Spec Product Show. Last week we had a blast hosting our Summer Spec Product Show,
where we demonstrated how to mix cutting-edge technology with architectural and decorative solutions that also meet local codes. Thanks to everyone who was involved – we had a great turn out from the specifications community, and the nine manufacturers who participated in our event impressed the crowd with their products and knowledge.

We also held two CEU courses (one being AIA accredited) during the program.  Our first course was an AIA accredited CEU presentation, lead by yours truly (Brian Rhea). The presentation was called Specifying Architectural Lighting and Controls with Confidence. Over lunch, we covered everything from specification language for LED products, all the way to reviewing design challenges and problem-solving.

And back by popular demand… Danny Cortez led his infamous training on Title 24 2016. He covered the changes in the 2016 commercial code and made sure attendees had the information needed to ensure their projects comply.  It was all a great series of events blending learning with thoughtful discussion.

A big thank you to all our wonderful attendees for helping make our event so successful and the best one to date!  Shout out to Acuity Brands, A-Light, Artemide, Lauren Illumination, LEDRA Brands, Pinnacle Lighting, Spec Grade, Targetti | DuraLamp and UltraLights for their time, product displays and insightful information.

Stay tuned for announcements on future events we will be
holding.  I can assure you, you won’t want to miss what we have planned for our valued partners!  Also, be sure to follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) for updates on future events, training and education, and product updates.