Meet The Team: Laura Ramirez

Specifications sales team member, Laura Ramirez, loves traveling the country with clients and coworkers, but San Diego has always been home for this California native. If you’re looking for an adventure around the area she’s your go-to girl. Laura loves cross country mountain biking, trail running and camping. When she’s not tackling an adventure or client design challenge, she loves spending time outdoors with her four kids, (ages 2-9). Though you may have heard about the famous straw story from the Eureka trip in Montreal, there is a lot more to this team member’s story. Are you ready for the next SDLA page-turner?

Q: How did you get started in the lighting industry?

LR: I had just graduated college with a degree in interior design and was looking to work with architectural or interior design firms. Unfortunately, I started looking just before the economy crashed so of course, no one was hiring. I had to branch out and get creative in my search and I found an engineering firm with a position open. They were looking for designers who could help them select lighting for their jobs. As Danny would call it “I like the pretty sh%$.” I discovered in that first position that lighting was the one thing on the engineering side I enjoyed, and I’ve just kept going down that rabbit hole ever since.

Q: What’s your day to day like in the office?

 LR: My day in the office is different every day, every week. I’m a part of the specification sales team and my clients are made up of architects, interior designers, lighting designers and electrical engineers. With that wide range of clients, I can find myself hosting booths at tradeshows, running design meetings, or taking customers to lighting shows all in the same week. It keeps the job fresh and I love being out of the office, traveling with coworkers and clients. I work closely with other members of the spec team, like Maronee and Brian. And most recently, I’ve been working with our newly expanded quick quotes team a lot by helping facilitate orders for smaller scale projects and establishing budgetary pricing.

Q: Do you have a favorite/most rewarding project that you have worked on?

LR: I’m really excited to see the completed KSS Restaurant project. That project includes a lot of custom light fixtures that I believe will set this place apart, so I think we are all excited to see our hard work in action once the project is finished! Additionally, it was really rewarding to have our lighting package become a building standard at Terragen.

Q: What do you like best about the culture at SDLA?

 LR: I’ve been here for just under 2 years, and by far the best thing about SDLA is how strong our culture is. It’s incredibly special to have a unique culture, and there is nothing better than to be part of this team!

Introducing the Designer Luncheon Series

Just a couple weeks ago, we hosted our very first Designer Luncheon series and it was a total hit! Lighting designers, architects and interior designers joined us at Bencotto Italian Kitchen for lunch and an awesome keynote presentation from PureEdge Lighting. We encouraged guests to bring canned goods for our annual food drive and those who did were given raffle tickets for a chance to win an Amazon gift card or holiday basket.

We are excited about how great the first event in this series went. In fact, we hit the venue’s capacity within one week of promoting it!  The idea behind these events is simple: reserve a San Diego hot-spot so our guests can break away from the chaos of the day-to-day and enjoy a great meal while learning about the latest in a variety of lighting design and technology trends from some of the most reputable lighting experts in the industry!

So with that in mind, we are ready to make the official announcement for our next event! You are hearing it here first! The next Designer Luncheon is scheduled for February 22nd at 11:30 at Herb & Wood in Little Italy, which was featured as “One of San Diego’s Most Stylish Restaurants” by The San Diego Tribune! We will be featuring LucePlan Lighting who will cover acoustic design in lighting fixture design, a HOT topic these days. And as an added bonus, this presentation will also offer 1 AIA/HSW credit upon completion!

Lighting designers, architects, interior designers, and anyone interested in joining us for these special events can register for the next event in the series by emailing Brian Rhea at Reserve your spot ASAP because these events will hit capacity!