When the Lighting Industry Meets the Farming Industry

Horticultural Lighting is the fastest growing segment of the LED lighting industry. Fueled by a continual rise in population, and availability of limited agricultural land, there is an increasing need for indoor grow spaces and greenhouses.

The “Horticulture Lighting Market by Technology, Application, Cultivation, Lighting Type, Offering, and Region – Global Forecast to 2023”  predicts the horticultural lighting market to grow from USD 2.43 billion in 2018 to 6.2 billion by 2023.

Traditional light sources, HID & fluorescent, have long been the trusted lighting solution for indoor grow facilities. However, with the advancements in technologies, LED grow lighting has erased early doubts and proven to be a vital and essential element in the horticultural industry.

Why LED grow lights?

In addition to significant energy savings, LED Horticultural Lighting provides growers with customization, modularity, and the ability to optimize plant growth and wealth. In a controlled indoor environment, LED grow lights produce higher yields for year-round grow cycles for plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers and legal cannabis.

An LED grow light system will generate the same or better illumination than a traditional lighting system, with less than half of the electrical energy input. With the reduced heat output of LED’s versus traditional lighting sources, the use of LED lighting will also help reduce the demand on the HVAC system, offering additional energy savings.

Where will LED Grow lights be installed?

Vertical Farming: maximize every cubic foot of a growing space by utilizing vertically stacked structures to grow products in a tight, controlled space.

Greenhouses: combine natural sunlight and artificial light, in addition to trapping humidity and moisture to emulate a true growing environment.

Warehouses: An artificial growing environment that relies on the complete system of lighting and HVAC to best reflect an outdoor environment.

With the increased demand for indoor horticultural farming, there will be an increase in demand for horticultural lighting design along with an array of questions.

• What are the important factors to consider when designing horticultural lighting?
• How do I calculate the quantity of fixtures and spacing required?
• What types of solutions are available for horticultural lighting?
• What trusted manufacturers provide horticultural lighting?

Traditionally, when we think about lighting, we measure a fixture by the lumen output and how many foot candles are needed on a work surface. But for plant lighting, the important values to consider are Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) the measurement of usable wavelengths for plants from the fixture, and Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) the measurement of active photons per second measured at the plant. These are the components that are going to help provide a greater and more robust yield.

To help calculate the appropriate levels, our in-house applications team utilizes AGI32 to perform horticultural lighting calculations based on the needs of the plant/project.

Our leading manufacturer of horticultural lighting, SpecGrade LED, utilizes a modular system that allows for the adaptation of the fixture based on the needs of the environment, as well as interchangeable parts to upgrade the existing fixtures as LED’s improve and new technologies arise. Their modular fixture Linea can also be used as a side lighter offering a new angle on the growing process to increase yields. SpecGrade LED has successfully worked with Ohio State University to provide them with the LED grow lights to improve the growth of their plants by providing the correct stable levels of PPFD. To read more about it, see the link below.

Whether you are looking to learn more about horticultural lighting or are designing an indoor grow space, we at SDLA are here to help you through this process and support you through the life of the project. We have the knowledge, resources and tools to assist you with designing horticultural lighting for your next project, let us know how we can help you grow.

DLC Website

DLC – Horticultural Lighting

Case Study

The Ohio State University Case Study

Horticultural Lighting

Designer Lighting Luncheon: Setting the Bar with JLC Tech & Armstrong Ceilings

Who wants to spend their lunch in a boring office when you can have lunch in the club? Last Thursday, we hosted our 4th Designer Luncheon featuring both JLC Tech and Armstrong Ceilings, where specifiers met us in Downtown San Diego at Parq Restaurant and Nightclub.

For this specific luncheon, (since we had not one, but TWO manufacturers) we really wanted to “wow” our specifiers with our venue choice which did not disappoint. Every detail from when you first walk around the corner into the open- aired, Central Park inspired restaurant, down the hall through the grotto tunnel that opened into the nightclub with blue and white lighting everywhere, really made for a grand entrance.

Dai-Nee Tan, the Architectural Contract Sales Manager for Armstrong Ceilings, kicked off the presentation with a short video that showcased the different Armstrong ceiling solutions and a presentation on her product line. She then handed the presentation over to Eric Reiser, the Western Regional Sales Manager of JLC Tech, who explained how the T-Bar Smartlight pairs together with Armstrong Ceilings and demonstrated how easy the installation is. To wrap things up, Eric revealed some exciting and exclusive- (still under wraps)- news about what’s to come from both manufacturers later this fall! Be sure to check back when we make the big announcement!

In addition, Congrats again to our $50 Visa gift card winners- Marissa Clow from FS Design and Emily Taber-Moore from Jules Wilson Design. Thank you both for attending and participating!

If you haven’t been to one of our luncheons yet, don’t fret! Our next one will take place in December with the location TBD. Stay updated by checking out our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more details!

Also, we always encourage all of our designers, architects, and engineers to come and bring their customers- The more the merrier! If you would like more information, and would like to join our next Designer Luncheon Event, please RSVP to Amanda Ivko at amandai@sdltg.com!

Designer Lighting Luncheon: Eureka Lighting Takes the Stage

Is there really a better way to spend your lunch hour then discussing the latest “hot topics” in lighting? We don’t think so. Specifiers, designers, engineers and architects in the lighting industry, joined us for the third installment of our designer luncheon series on May 24th at the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens in Liberty Station. Stone brewing was a great location to host over 40 attendees, who engaged with a presentation and networking opportunities after enjoying a delicious lunch of steak, potatoes and organic greens, served buffet style.

We were lucky to have Eureka Lighting’s very own Director of Sales, Scott Spence and California District Sales Manager, Robert Ayala host the event, alongside our spec team. The duo gave the attendees insight into the many award-winning Eureka products and their vast capabilities. We were particularly impressed with the Matrix, an innovation in acoustic lighting, and the Flynn. Both of which won 2017 Product Innovation  Awards. Attendees had the opportunity to not only hear from the Eureka experts but witness the power of these products themselves, as we had multiple on display.

We love being able to provide the San Diego area with the latest in lighting innovation and networking opportunities. Rather than sitting in the drive-thru line on your lunch hour join us for our next designer luncheon, tentatively scheduled with Armstrong ceilings and JLC Tech t-bar lighting solutions! We have another show-stopping location in the works for you but keep checking in on our InstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn pages for more details as they become available!

Our events are always sure to fill up quickly so reserve your spot today. Anyone who specifies lighting in the San Diego/Imperial County areas is welcome to join us and can simply RSVP by emailing Amanda Ivko at amandai@sdltg.com!

Designer Lighting Luncheon: LucePlan Lessons

Cue the lights for another installment of our designer luncheon series! This month’s designer luncheon was held at “One of San Diego’s Most Stylish Restaurants”, Herb & Wood in Little Italy. The venue was the perfect setting and we were happy to have another full house of lighting designers, architects, interior designers, and electrical engineers eager to discuss another one of the “hot topics” in lighting.

LucePlan Lighting’s very own Ken Downing hosted the event alongside our spec team. Downing led an AIA-accredited presentation on decorative and architectural lighting solutions with acoustical properties that are designed to effectively minimize surround acoustics. Designers and architects in attendance were offered many takeaways from the event including the latest trends to best serve their clients’ needs.

Looking to learn something useful for your next lunch hour?  Well, you’re in luck because we’ve already got another great Designer Luncheon coming down the pipeline for you! Mark your calendars for May 24th for a presentation with a new SDLA manufacturer to be announced soon. The location is still to be determined for this luncheon but be sure to keep checking back to our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages for more details as they become available!

History is bound to repeat itself so be sure to reserve your spot before we hit max capacity, ASAP. Anyone who specifies lighting in the San Diego/Imperial County areas that would like to join us can simply RSVP to Amanda Ivko at amandai@sdltg.com!

Lights, Music, Action! This Speaker Downlight Does It All

Speaker Downlight

Imagine with the flick of the switch, you’re able to set the mood with dimmable lighting and queue the perfect soundtrack for your night. Backtrack to the morning where you can start your day with a live concert in the shower, starring you, with Wet Location™ lighting. Now, transport yourself to warm summer nights with friends on the patio with your lighting and music housed under one device. Introducing the Acuity Brands 6SL Speaker Downlight, an evolutionary device which will change how you listen to music in your home. These records have been flying off the shelves… I mean lights.

This LED wireless speaker downlight brings adjustable lighting and music to virtually anywhere in your home and saves you space traditional speakers would take up. Retrofit for most 6-inch housings, installation is as easy as changing a lightbulb. The speaker downlight can be paired with up to eight units, including your smart TV, bringing an innovative sound experience to your kitchen, your patio, your movie room and even your shower! Whether you want the LED lights on full blast or off altogether, music can still be played through the speaker, with the battery life lasting up to six hours while the lights are off. Wirelessly stream your favorite songs from any mobile device via Bluetooth™ into any room of your home, whether that be Motown classics or the latest Adele ballad. Additionally, you can customize your lighting experience in different rooms with three different color temperatures choices at a cost-effective rate for each device.

I recently had the opportunity to install these devices first hand and see them in action when helping my brother put them up in his home. Nobody else in the market currently has a product like this, so we were pleased to see how reasonably priced these devices were. The installation was simple and easy to execute. We had music streaming through his home within minutes with mobile streaming and the LED lights with all their dimming capabilities we’re up and running in no time.

If you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary product or you’re ready to order some for your home email me at jasonb@sdltg.com, or contact one of our distributor stock flow salespeople Matt Gallardo (mattg@sdltg.com) or Shareef Stratton (shareefs@sdltg.com).

Touring With A Twist

We want to give a big thank you to all our great customers who ventured out to our open house event on May 24th, and to those who helped make it so successful! We hope you enjoyed learning about the most advanced lighting technology out there. We are very fortunate to have these cutting-edge solutions in our space.

The tour was unique in the sense that different associates got to speak at different parts of the tour, each associate led a different part, and guests got to interact with most of our amazing SDLA team members! To engage all attendees, we wanted to show off the cohesiveness between our employees and how we all work together to lead the way in lighting.

In case you missed it, tour leaders Matt Gallardo and Laura Ramirez took visitors through a little something like this:

  • • To kick off the tour, yours truly (Danny Cortez) began talking to guests about the status of SDLA and how we are leading the charge. Making sure we have the right line card that inspires our customers on design and challenges them on using the leading technology in our industry. An example of that is the Pinnacle LiFT, showing an elegant design with its seamless lens trim transition creating a skylight appearance that suggests bringing the outdoors in.
  • • Next up, guests stopped by to see good ol’ BMJ (Jason Bash) in the lobby. Jason talked about products in the space, using our “wireless” Fresco touch screen to demonstrate architectural luminaires and specifically demonstrated RGB controls (be sure to check out his awesome selfie below).
  • • After learning all about space and lighting, Susie Brown took over and switched it up a bit to talk about the latest tunable lighting fixtures. She demonstrated how Acuity downlights (Aculux) can change kelvin temperature from 1800-4350. These solutions show how Acuity is leveraging these benefits in vertical markets like K-12 and Higher education.
  • • With the help of our word walls, Brian Rhea then described our values of leadership, teamwork and technology. He explained how SDLA not only breeds leaders through teamwork and comradery but also by striving to lead the market technological solutions. He introduced Rubik by inspiring designers to “reinvent the grid” with Tunable White, Grayscale, and Color Accent luminaires.
  • Maronee Rodenberger then stepped in to talk with guests about the latest 2 x 2 troffers on the market and the differences between our Architectural Best Solutions, Specification Better and General Purpose Good solutions. She explained how we look to fit our lighting solutions in every customer’s budget and not trying to make the customers budget fit in our lighting solutions.
  • • Guests then stopped over to Cliff Cobelli, where he demonstrated the services our agency provides from design, budgeting, managing, and commissioning. He displayed our nLight Software SensorView, where he demonstrated how an Energy Manager/Owner could maximize their energy savings by a quick click of a mouse. Jeret Carr then took the floor as he presented the Internet of Things nLight offers. He demonstrated how a nLight system that complies with code is the building block for IOT, showing how scalable the system is offering applications like “Space Utilization” and “Site View Energy”.
  • • After learning the ins and outs of our energy management, guests met with Chris Bale for a dose of wireless controls for industrial fixtures. He demonstrated our industrial solutions for parking garages and warehouses, showing our IBG from Lithonia Lighting is best- in-class market with the highest lumens per watt.
  • • And last but certainly not least, Kristin Miller thanked everyone as she wrapped up the tour by announcing the raffle winner. At SDLA we truly appreciate our partnership with our specification community, electrical contractors, and distributors. This partnership allows all of us to work as a cohesive team.

Want to check out more great pictures of the events? Check out our Facebook page and Instagram page! And don’t forget to “Like” our page for future pictures and events.

Tour Our New State-of-the-Art Office

new SDLA officeAs we mentioned during the first of the year, we put a lot of time and thought behind our new office space – and now we want to share it with you!

On Wednesday, May 24th we will be hosting office tours for small groups of 15 people every 30 minutes from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Join in on the fun by scheduling your visit with Amanda Ivko at Amandai@sdltg.com

You’ll see the latest in LED lighting, lighting control and HVAC control technology and learn a little too:

  • • Learn about the potential benefits to health, learning, and behavior with tunable white and warm dim LED solutions
  • • The implementation of IoT technology through lighting controls system, and how it’s commercially available today
  • • Understanding the unification of building management systems (BMS) and other lighting control systems
  • • See practical installations of the latest in ambient lighting solutions from many of our valued manufacturer partners

Oh, and did we mention we’ll be raffling prizes after each tour? You don’t want to miss out!

Need our new address? It’s 5625 Ruffin Rd., Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92123.

New LiFT Architectural Lighting Inspires Creativity in Grid Ceilings

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting introduces LiFT – LED lighting designed with appearance and performance equally in mind. From a traditional grid layout to an ornate pattern, LiFT LED luminaires can be flexibly constructed and clustered together to achieve the creativity you want, along with optimal power consumption, light output and energy efficiencies.

LiFT architectural lighting is a family of luminaires that are extremely versatile and proves any ceiling can be unique. inspired by the Golden Ratio, a universal law of beauty and completeness in nature, its clean lines and harmonious proportions are best displayed in patterns. The LED fixture’s seamless lens-to-trim transition creates a skylight-esque appearance that suggests bringing the outdoors in. Its low-power density and shallow housing profile make LiFT both versatile and efficient option for architectural LED lighting.

LiFT LED luminaires are available in 1×1, 1×2, 1×4, 2×2, 2×4 and 4×4 configurations. For more information contact Maronee Rodenberger at Maroneer@sdltg.com or download the LiFT family brochure.

The Whisper Series LED Speaks to Rady Children’s Hospital

Rady Children’s Hospital is a one-of-a-kind hospital for the San Diego area. As the leading pediatric trauma center in the region, it has a robust practice including aggressive surgical approaches and is well-known for its cutting-edge Neurosurgery program. This state-of-the-art facility and staff are using the latest technologies for its medical practices, so its facilities need to be top of the line, even down to the administrative offices that are the backbone of the hospital.

In 2016, the hospital was looking for new LED lighting to update its facilities. It wanted to achieve specific energy savings goals, and have new lighting that would improve the light quality in its administrative areas. In the past, the light quality had been sub-par, creating hot spots and poor distribution.

SDLA was selected for the project, and we worked closely with our electrical partners at Randall Lamb to find and install a solution that would meet the hospital’s energy and aesthetic requirements. Craig Kerstetter, Electrical Project Manager, Randall Lamb Associates, Inc. was kind enough to say, “The SDLA team was knowledgeable and helpful during the design and construction phase.”

We felt this project was a no-brainer for the new Whisper Series LED from Acuity Brands. The fixture’s multiple lens options for the center and side panels make it easy to achieve the perfect design aesthetic and even illumination across a space. Whisper’s sloping side panels and lack of latches on the outside of the fixture create a clean and simple feel with no seams.

Our collaboration with the electrical contractor and specifier was crucial in achieving a photometric layout to make sure we met the recommended and suggested IES foot-candle measurements. In addition to the energy-saving qualities of the LED fixtures, we were able to increase energy savings and controllability of the fixtures by installing an nLight® integrated controls system from Acuity Brands. This easy-to-install controls system also helped Rady Children’s Hospital meet the new 2016 Title 24 Standards that became effective January 1, 2017.