Meet The Team: Debbie Lensky

Debbie LenskyDon’t you just love when things fall into place and they somehow become a perfect fit? That was the case for Debbie Lensky who says her first job in the industry just fell on to her lap. Now an experienced veteran in the industry, Debbie is falling and fitting perfectly into her new role at SDLA. Debbie has worn many different hats in the lighting industry but the same can be said for her life outside of the office as well. Debbie loves being a mom and now a grandmother. She loves to show her granddaughter all around San Diego with some of their favorite adventures including the beach and park. Who’s excited to meet SDLA’s newest project manager?

Q: How did you get started in the lighting industry?

DL: I guess you could say I just fell into it. I got my first job in the industry through family and now have done just about everything you can do in a lighting agency. The bulk of my career took place in Las Vegas where I spent a long time in quotations. Since coming to SDLA, it’s been a refreshing transition into project management. Just as I initially fell into the industry, I feel like everything is falling into place in this new position, the agency side just fits right for me.

Q: What’s your day to day like in the office?

DL: Go, go, go. This position is an all-day affair, we are always on the go, busy trying to meet the customer’s needs. My position is very client facing and I spend a great deal of time working closely with distributors and customers. Internally, I work with Kristin a lot as well. Over the past couple of months, it’s been a fun journey getting to meet the customers and learning about their needs and pain points.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

DL: I’ve really been enjoying the customer service aspect of project management. It’s all about providing the client with the best possible solutions with the best possible service. I was in quotations for the majority of my career so working with the clients this way has been a fresh, exciting challenge. I also appreciate how organized my co-workers are and how our communication is so effective, makes life a lot easier.

Q: What do you like best about the culture at SDLA?

DL: I love the fast pace environment, we are always busy, but we also know how to make the day to day fun. The people here really make this company unique, the communication is great from top to bottom and everyone is welcoming and supportive. My first impression was that everyone had each other’s back and that has proven to be the case.

Meet The Team: Lee Davis

In this month’s Meet the Team Q&A, we’re excited to profile project manager Lee Davis. We couldn’t speak more highly of Lee both personally and professionally. When she’s not solving problems and making things happen for our customers, she’s at home chasing around her almost four-year-old son, and taking home the title of Mom of the Year. Fun fact: Lee is also expecting her second child in June!

Let’s meet this supermom one-on-one.

Q: How did you get started in the lighting industry?

LD: My lifelong dream was always to become a nurse, but while working towards that goal, my good friend Shawna let me know SDLA was hiring a receptionist. I got the job, fell in love with the industry, and my career path officially changed forever. It’s safe to say SDLA has had a huge impact on my life since the day I started. I have worked my way up since my first role here, but that role allowed me to see the whole picture more clearly. Now my heart is set on going back to school for business while continuing my career here.

Q: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

LD: Every day is a new challenge. There is always a new problem that needs to be solved, which keeps me learning and constantly on my toes. Culturally, SDLA is like a big family. Heck, Kristin is like a second mom to me. I just think it’s so cool that everyone works as a team inside and outside the office. For me, there is truly nothing better than when we all come together to solve a problem.

Q: You mentioned there’s a funny common misconception about your name. What’s that?

 LD: Yes! In this digital age, there are a ton of people I only interface with via email. I have a very gender-neutral nickname, so people always have this perception that I’m a man! Well, I’m here to dispel the myth. I am 100%, woman! People usually find out when at some point I end up hopping on the phone with them or meet them in person, and they are often shocked by hearing my sweet-toned feminine voice. It’s always a kick. Someone called me once to chat and when I answered the phone they immediately exclaimed, “Oh my god, you’re a woman!”. So now I just sign all my emails Mrs. Lee Davis to avoid any confusion.

Q: What is your most memorable project?

LD: My most memorable project is ironically the first one I became involved with as a project manager. This project was called “Lilly Biotechnology Center,” and it had a multitude of challenges that needed to be resolved.  While it was a tough nut to crack, solving those issues brought my customer and I closer together, and I was excited to build that relationship. In the end, all the stress of it paid off, and I will always remember that project.

Q: As 2018 approaches, is there anything work-related you are looking forward too?

 LD:  I am just excited to see how SDLA will continue to grow and evolve. Receiving new projects really excites me…they can be from any manufacturer. I just love to learn new things and solve new problems, and I am sure 2018 will bring plenty of that. I like to think I have an open mind, so whatever is in-store, I am sure it will be fun.

Meet The Team: Chelsea Mitchell

This month’s Meet the Team is with a baby giraffe. Just kidding, it’s with Chelsea Mitchell, a project manager for our team, who we like to call a baby giraffe for her awkwardness during softball. But that’s another story for another day. All jokes aside, Chelsea works day in and day out for our customers. For 10 years, she’s been a valuable member of the SDLA team, beginning her career with us part-time while in college… and never looking back!

Q: How did you get started in the lighting industry?

A: During college, my dad was the principal and co-owner of SDLA. And a part-time receptionist position was available for the company, so I took it! Through that job, I got a taste of the day-to-day work at SDLA, and really began to love the people and the work. A project manager position then opened up, so I applied for that. Though it was never part of the plan, I ended up loving every aspect of it.

Q: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

A: Honestly, there’s nothing better than driving through the city and being able to point out different projects that we made possible. It makes you feel like you are part of San Diego, bringing pieces of your work to everyday life. 

Q: What do you like about the culture at SDLA?

A: I love that everyone at SDLA is friends both inside and outside of work. We do a lot together like happy hours and softball leagues…and sometimes we end up hanging out on the weekends without really planning it. In my opinion, it’s always a good sign when you want to hang out with your coworkers after work! Not only is it fun to organize events outside the office, but it also makes the work we do inside the office more enjoyable.

Q: What is the best part about your job?

A: Every day is different. Although my position is very email-based and a lot of the daily work is similar, different problems arise with a variety of our valued customers. Assuring people I know on a personal level that we’re going to solve whatever problems they’re facing, and then solving those problems, is really rewarding.